Income From YouTube In 5 Easy Steps Best Youtube Tips

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Income From YouTube In 5 Easy Steps Best YouTube Tips

It’s not just about making money online now, it’s possible to make money online if you know the technique. And it is necessary to have the willpower with these two. Everything is possible. The easiest way to make money online lately is through YouTube. All you have to do is make money from YouTube. First, you need to have a camera and a computer and you need to know the work of video editing. Best YouTube Tips.

Then all you have to do is have a good Skill because the video you submit to YouTube will be of pleasant quality and fun and will be educational and of pleasant quality. And the video you make must be nick and not be copied. And if you copy your video to YouTube, then your YouTube Channel will be closed. Best YouTube Tips.

How to create a YouTube Channel: Best YouTube Tips

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First step:
You must first open a Gmail ID for the YouTube Channel. You need to create a YouTube Channel by opening the Gmail ID.

The second step
Once your YouTube Channel is created, you will see there is an option called My Channel in the top left. You can view your Channel by clicking there. And you will see with the channel there is an option called Video Manager, click there. Then you will see in the Left, there is an option called Channel, click there. After doing so, you see that there is an option called Partner next to the name. From there, you can verify the Partner. Best YouTube Tips.

The third step
After completing the above two, you will continue to upload Channel videos in compliance with all the rolls.

Fourth step
When you continue to upload videos to your Channe, check the Monetized option at the bottom of the video.
If this Monetized tick is given, your video will show ads from google. And if your video is under copyright then your Monetized Off will be Disabled Channel. Best Youtube Tips

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Fifth step
This is the real thing you need to do in this step. Now apply from your YouTube channel to your channel for Google AdSense. You need to withdraw money from this AdSense. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, By clicking Next and logging in with your Gmail ID, the AdSense Request will be removed from your YouTube Channel. Then after 3/4 days an sms or mail will come in the name of AdSense Approve of your YouTube Channel. Best Youtube Tips
This time it is your money offering YouTube channel.

Now you need to know about YouTube Video Optimization Tips on how to increase the Rank of your YouTube Channel.

  1. Keywords:
  2. Video Title:
  3. Video Tag:
  4. Video Description:
  5. Video Thumbnails:

If you can take a good look at these, then the rank of your YouTube channel will increase. Best Youtube Tips

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