New Jungle Adventure Mode Has Come To PUBG

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New Jungle Adventure Mode Has Come To PUBG

After the teaser, a new mode came to Pubg Mobile. In this game, the ‘Jungle Adventure’ map has been followed to the San hawk map that has been running before.

New mechanisms and features have been added to this map. Along with the jungle map, the game includes some updated tokens, jungle food and hot air balloons.

For now, this map has been brought in for a few players. It will take some time for this update to come for all pubji mobile players.

The new Jungle Adventure has been brought for both Android and iOS versions. Those who have not already downloaded the Sunhock map will need to download the map from the Classic section first.

This new map is 142 MB and it will come with the new Jungle Adventure mode. Playing in this mode will easily identify and drop players. The name of this mode can be seen in the right corner of the phone.

What are the features of Jungle Adventure Map –

Mysterious Totams – These Mysterious Totams are being offered with this new mode. These totams will give different blessings to the players. There are three types of totem – power totem, strategy totem and protection totem. These allow players to repair their helmets and vests and restore energy.

Jungle Food- In this new adventure map some special fruits will be given to the players. This special fruit players will get loot and it can be used for different effects. However, players do not know in advance whether playing the fruit will have a good or bad effect. This result will help to reduce the energy of the player.

Hot Air Balloons – This new update features hot air balloons that allow players to see the entire playing field from the sky. This balloon will help the player to win this game.

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