This Time Singapore Is Making a Virus-Tracing Device

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This Time Singapore Is Making a Virus-Tracing Device

Singapore aims to unveil a wearable coronavirus contact-tracing device soon. PCI, the country’s electronics maker, has already won a government contract to supply 300,000 devices.

Like the contact-tracing mobile app, the wearable device will alert the user if someone comes close to being infected with the coronavirus. If the test is successful with three lakh devices, the Singapore government will provide the device to all 57 lakh residents.

Singapore’s government technology agency (Gowtech) approved the deal through a tender to PCI on May 14. The tender, valued at S স 6 million, is valued at ২০ 20 for each of the Bluetooth-based ‘Trace Together Tokens’ devices, according to Reuters.

Singapore has already unveiled a contact-tracing app for smartphones. But the app is not being used on a wide range as it is not effective on some devices. That is why the country has undertaken a pilot project of wearable contact-tracing devices.

In an email to Reuters, Govtek said: “Govtek has contacted the PCI to make the initial batch of trusted tokens devices.”

PCI Pvt. Ltd. started its journey in 1982 as a circuit board manufacturer in Silicon Valley. Last year, the company bought Platinum Equity, a US private equity firm, for S 265 million. The company did not comment on the tender.

The number of coronavirus cases in Singapore has exceeded 39,000, with 25 deaths.

Singapore is one of the few countries to use technology to revitalize the economy safely. But I often question the secrecy of these technologies is often.

Earlier, officials in the country said they would deliver the device to customers by the end of this month. And in this case, those who do not have a smartphone will get priority.

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